TV Japan

IMG_1967Comcast has a promotion going on for the rest of April offering TV Japan for free right. TV Japan a mix of all sorts of Japanese programming–news, soap operas, game shows, talk shows, sports shows, and children’s programming. It feels like mostly news and kids stuff during the day, but at night, I’ve found a couple of travel shows with subtitles that are really fun. Even though Japanese class is over, I really can only understand about 1% of what’s going on during any given program. But I still keep TV Japan on all day when we have it because immersion is fun and you just never know what kind of crazy thing you will see. One of my favorite little “shorts” is a stop motion with these blue and white blocks of clumsy clay with hilarious little voices. The clay guys walk on screen with indentations of office supplies and (I assume…) proceed to ask each other how they happened upon that shape. (Perhaps, since it’s a program for children, the audience is supposed to guess the shape? “Can you guess children…and thirty somethings in America?”) IMG_1968Then, each clay is shown in a flashback, happening upon an object. The music during the flashbacks is my favorite part of the show. IMG_1969The clay must have really bad eyes because he always trips over the object. IMG_1970When the clay stands up, the object is stuck to him. IMG_1971And then the object falls right off. IMG_1972Back in real time, the blue clay finishes his story and it’s the white clay’s turn. (Cue the flashback music.) IMG_1973IMG_1974The white clay tripped over a pencil and onto… (Can you guess???)IMG_1975…a magnet!

It’s really riveting TV!

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2 thoughts on “TV Japan

  1. Naoto says:

    You are like the ambassador for TV Japan! 😙

  2. […] trip to Japan was to see a Japanese baseball game. I’d been watching them on TV while we had TV Japan a couple months ago and it seemed like it would be a really fun and different experience compared […]

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