Summer Manifesto 2014

Kimberly & Naoto: gardeners Naoto and I wrote up our summer manifesto during our anniversary dinner. It looks a lot like last year’s manifesto. What can I say? We are creatures of habit around here.

This summer we will:

* tend to our garden and balcony garden

* create three new cocktails using herbs from our garden

* invite special guests to Hasegawa Happy Hour

* hang out on the balcony whenever possible

* rediscover Chicago

* try three new tomato recipes

* take more walks

* visit some new Farmers Markets

* wear sunscreen & sun hats

* enjoy live music…somewhere

And that’s our summer in a nutshell. What’s on your list this summer?

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4 thoughts on “Summer Manifesto 2014

  1. Great summer goals!!

  2. Mom says:

    Enjoy the summer.

  3. […] goes…well, have you looked at the calendar lately? Summer is almost over. I’m failing my Summer Manifesto. I still haven’t tried three new cocktails with herbs from our gardens or three new tomato […]

  4. […] children, but really, who doesn’t like documenting things with a sticker? We’ve done a summer bucket list before, but not in the past few years. It really is, for us anyway, the best way to plan the summer […]

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