Whirlwind of Preparations

workspace wednesday franklin planner and business cardsTomorrow morning, I’m leaving for San Francisco! That means today will be a whirlwind of preparations. I’m happy to report that I finished three loads of laundry before nine this morning, and I think I have enough clothes to cover the next four days. (What is it about packing for trips that makes you realize how dull your wardrobe is?)

Most importantly, my calling cards are made, the treats for my friends are packaged (more on that tomorrow) and my address book is updated for postcard writing…the important stuff, you know…

Today I am packing my bag, packing up my mail supplies (while referring to this post) and I’m working on updating my calendar with information I’ll need while I’m gone.

Oh, and I’m cleaning up the apartment a bit…just in case Naoto and Presley throw a party while I’m gone.

If you will be at Ex Postal Facto, let me know so I can look for you during the events!

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3 thoughts on “Whirlwind of Preparations

  1. tinacampbell says:

    Have a fun trip 🙂

  2. Anne Elizabeth (@letterloveblog) says:

    I’m so excited!!! I will note that I didn’t make any calling cards but I’m going to work on that tomorrow. Or something.

    Your comment about packing and feeling like you have a dull wardrobe is so true. I had that problem last night when I tried to pack. Which is probably why I packed at 5 am before leaving for the airport. So if I look like I got dressed in the dark it’s because I packed in the dark 😉

  3. Uncustomary says:

    Can’t wait to see you!

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