It’s “Heart” Work


Naoto & I are both members of our local gym. The difference is, he loves going and I hate going. I drag my feet out of the locker room and Naoto bounds out with excitement for the upcoming treadmill time (yes, that’s him above, super-excited about the workout ahead). When we update our runs (or in my case run/walks) on Daily Mile, Naoto writes things like, “Ran 5 miles. It felt awesome!” I write things like, “The only reason I ran for that long is because I wanted to see the end of the Friends episode.” When Naoto goes, he bounces around like a celebrity high fiving the card-taker at the door. When I go, I avoid eye contact and put my earbuds in so I’m not obligated to interact with anyone. (I think I’m the more normal one in this respect.) When Naoto goes he likes to take his time and change and shower in the locker room. I like to come dressed for the gym, rush into the locker room just to hang up my coat and shower in the privacy of my own bathroom when I get home. Naoto never turns on the treadmill’s TV or listens to music. I plot my gym visits around TV shows and often embarrass myself (& Naoto) by snort-laughing at Colbert or cheering out loud at a sports team.

But as annoying his enthusiasm about working out can be, I still love going to the gym with Naoto. He’s a good influence in more ways than one.


6 thoughts on “It’s “Heart” Work

  1. naoto says:

    you actually have been the positive influence on me for the last few sessions! I was gone for 2 weeks and now, I feel like am gradually going back to it again!

  2. danielle says:

    You two should have a t.v. show. You’re adorable.

  3. Holly F. says:

    This could be the best advertisement for exercising that I’ve ever seen—”This is gonna be FUN!!!”

    And I approve of any working out, even if it’s crawling.

  4. Alex says:

    omg! I just died from the cuteness of it all!

  5. Nicole says:

    Any chance Naoto could bottle up some of that heading-to-the-gym excitement and send it my way?

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