Our New Ice Bucket


On Thanksgiving, my parents came bearing thrifted gifts. I’m a bit behind on blogging about them. My dad gave me this 1950s ice bucket/bun warmer. Yes, you read that correctly…it keeps your ice cold and your bread hot (though, not at the same time). My picture is terrible, but there are penguins walking around the bowl part and it has shiny bakelite handles. It was made by West Bend in Wisconsin back in the 1950s and this one is still in shiny, almost-new condition! While I’m intrigued by its bun warming capabilities (my grandma used it this way and my mom said it works), its primary job in our house will be in the ice department. I’ve been searching for an ice bucket for a long time now, and I’m glad I held out for this little round guy!

Now, to plan a little cocktail party and put it to good use!

Thanks, Dad!

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4 thoughts on “Our New Ice Bucket

  1. Hubster says:

    You didn’t tell me that thing was from the 1950s! I can’t believe how shiny it is after all these years. Besides, the penguins on that thing look so cool.

  2. cath says:

    Oh so very 1950s, and with bakelite handles as well. I love bakelite. Your dad is so good!

  3. Oh how I love this little round bubble of fun!!

  4. […] illustrations of cocktails on the handle. I think they are going to make a great partner with my vintage penguin ice bucket at our next Hasegawa Happy […]

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