cocktail perfected: the horse feather

Oh, how I love the fact that I make internet friends who love cocktails, too! Meryl has mentioned Horse Feathers a couple of times on Instagram and on the blog, and I was curious to try it. The Gin Gin Mule opened my eyes to the deliciousness of ginger in cocktails, so when Meryl said the Horse Feather was the same, but with whiskey, I was eager for a cool night to try it out. We went out to dinner with our neighbor friends last week (We went to Skrine Chops, our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood.) and came back to our apartment for a cozy night of whiskey and ginger.

Horse Feather

2oz whiskey (We used Cedar Ridge, our favorite Iowa standard.)

4oz ginger beer (You can use ginger ale, but we all loved the spiciness of the ginger beer.)

2 dashes of bitters (Some recipes call for omitting the bitters when you use ginger beer, but again, we all thought the bitters added a little something.)

Pour everything over ice in a rocks glass and stir. Enjoy on a chilly fall night with friends.


2 thoughts on “cocktail perfected: the horse feather

  1. Erica says:

    I’ve never heard of the horse feather before. Such a great name for a drink!

  2. […] Known as “The Whiskey Cocktail for People who Don’t Like Whiskey,” the horsefeather is a careful and delicious blend of rye (or bourbon), ginger beer, and a dash or two of bitters, poured over ice into a highball glass and garnished with a wedge of lime. It’s easy and simple, and really hits the spot for those Sunday-morning hangovers, or on a scorching summer day. Hell, it’s even “spicy” enough to do well around a late-night winter’s fire. For this one, just make sure you don’t skimp on the ginger beer. How much you put in will make or break this light and sprightly cocktail. Recipe […]

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